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Getting those "Really want people to read my webcomic" feels again. ><;;;

Familiar Scene


Made some rough 3D mannequins of my characters to help with weird angles and proportions. Here’s me giving them a full test run!

Who remembers this scene?

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Reposting here because I'm really satisfied with this little experiment. The models themselves were very basic. Think like those crappy classic wooden mannequins you could by at art stores. Except in this case personalized to the character.

Like the crappy wood manniquins they're a little wonky and not terribly flexible, but i kinda prefer this? It lets me make my own judgement calls instead of feeling like I have to adhear to the doll.

oh NO im obsessed

jasvinfellover -

For all my fellow artists, just found this really good free to use pose reference source, @kamitokatachi on twitter. Not only do they have a metric fuck ton of screenshots of posed semi-realistic 3d models, but each pose has various perspectives and lighting sources.

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saw this on the bluesite and it was interesting so: if you had wings would they be bird wings, bat wings, or insect wings?

Chimeran Legends Ch 3. Pg. 19

Ok! Time for another favorite page post!

Ch. 3 Pg. 19 was a fun page for me, mainly because of all the goofy expressions, and comedy, but also because it's showing the build-up of stress in the character of the last panel, with the things being used as weapons being pointed at them.

If you want context, you can read Chimeran Legends here!

I logged in and there is pride badges!! <3

Also, the Trans Pride layout turned out so cute! I can't wait to see how the others look!

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F*uck U Jerk

Personal artwork of my new fursona, vex owo

Chimeran Legends: Chimeran Design Guide (WIP)

- Twitter -

Someone recently asked me if they could make a Chimeran Character, and what exactly makes a Chimeran character! So I thought it would be fun to make a design guide. It's super WIP and probably filled with typos, but it's still useful, so I thought I'd post it!

Here's a barebones google docs version for anyone who might have trouble reading it! I might put the guide on the actual comic site too if that's a thing people want!
Anyway, if you make a fan character for Chimeran Legends, you're super cool and awesome. <3

(No idea what I'm talking about? Then you need to read my webcomic!!!)

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Chimeran Legends - Papillonans


“The Kingdom of Papillona is located in the Arthropoea continent. The Chimerans residing there are known to have tall pointed ears, thick fluffy tails, and most notably, 4 large feathered pseudo-wings that mimic those of moths and butterflies.”

(IMPORTANT: The salmon-pink character on the right belongs to yyormgen@twitter!)

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andalite design because i think their canon depiction is lame


Thank you so much! The ears were a challenge but I am happy with how they turned out!

I haven't been posting as much due to life being scary and a lot right now... That said, I have still been working on my fursuit project! And it's been going well!

Here's where my boy is at now.

So the MotW campaign I was in ended last night.

my character, who grew up with a lot of loneliness and trauma and who dealt with a lot of anger issues and violent thoughts was able to seek out help and get therapy and start an art camp.

im proud of her? She wasn’t too in danger of dying but she was close to committing some serious violence and entering a dark path but she ended up finding help in the end.

it was nice and very cathartic... I’m happy with her story’s ending...

“Hey haven’t been in WF in a minute with this pandemic stressing me out, wonder what’s happening!”

//sees discourse happening


Bread n Pasta n Other Basics

so i went to the store today and there was no bread or pasta. But there was flour and sugar n base ingredients GALORE. Here's how ya'll use it.

Feel free to send what you've found in stores near you and how to use it.

*How to Make Bread

*No Knead Rosemary Garlic Bread

*How to Make Pasta

*Chicken Soup Basics (including stock)

*Bone Broth

*Beans n Stuff

*Egg Fried Rice

*Baked Potatoes (with the best super crispy skin ever)

*Sugar Cookies

*Ham and Potato Soup

*Pulled Pork

*Veggie Stock

*Ground Beef Bulgogi

*Beef and Cheese Enchilada

Chimeran Legends Ch. 2 Pg. 17

One of my favorite pages from Chimeran Legends Chapter 1.

You can find the page here.

And you can start reading Chimeran Legends here!

Updates on Thursdays!

My webcomic ad on FA is running out soon and considering how dead the site has been, idk if I want to renew it.

might see how it affects my view counts once it is gone.


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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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